Laptop Screen Services

Things happen! If you break or crack your laptop screen, QuickStopComputers has you covered!

Screens can easily get cracked, or the back lights can stop working. Screens can also be plagued with dead pixels, lines or the ribbon cable can get pinched and damaged. We can fix all LCD and LED screen problems.
Is it cheaper to buy a new computer or repair the one you have? Our expert technicians will help you decide if your computer is worth repairing or not. With our more than affordable pricing, it is almost always a good choice to repair the laptop you already own and love.

If you’ve dropped your laptop, stepped on it, or just had a bad day, you may be looking at getting a laptop screen replaced or repaired. If you’re in the Middle Georgia area, come see us. We offer great fixed prices on labor, low prices on screens and a standard 1 year warranty!

Have a PowerBook, MacBook, or MacBook Pro with a cracked screen?
Look no further! We replace Apple screens too!

Our Laptop Screen Services include:

  • Cracked LCD laptop screen replacement
  • Dark laptop screen repair
  • Bleeding Screen replacement
  • Power inverter replacement
  • Dim Screen Repair

  • Screen turning on and off repair
  • Laptop screen with lines repair
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • MacBook Screen Repair
  • Netbook Screen Repair

And more!
We carry many options and stock many new and used screens! No waiting weeks to get your laptop going!

Remember the Diagnostics are always free and we provide the best pricing and best technicians!

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